Meet new followers who share your passions. Coach them online with our user-friendly app and motivate them to reach their goals. Inspire and mentor followers to improve their habits and learn new skills. Earn money on each follower who accepts your challenges. And work wherever and whenever you want.

Optimus - Social Habit Improvement App

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Increase Your Income With Online Coaching

Have you always wanted to make living doing what you love and helping others improve their skills and habits? Optimus gives you a complete business platform and app to effectively coach online whenever and wherever you want. Grow your follower tribe, ignite their passions and guide them to reach their goals while making an income.

Optimus - Social Habit Improvement App
  • Be A Passionate Expert

    Showcase your skills as an expert coach by challenging others to bring out the best in them.

  • Challenge Your Followers

    Create fun challenges and tasks for your followers. Guide them to improve skills and habits.

  • Track Their Progress

    Track your followers progress easily in the app anytime and anywhere. See how they are doing on the challenge and motivate them to complete the tasks.

  • Earn Through Challenges

    Create affordable online challenges and encourage large groups of followers to join.

  • Gain More Followers

    Increase your exposure on the marketplace and establish your brand to get new followers.

Optimus Features

Join our dedicated coach community and challenge your followers to improve their skills and achieve their goals

Optimus - Social Habit Improvement App
Create Your Challenge
    How to create a good challenge for your followers:
  • Which challenge do you want to create? Reading, running, cycling, photography, etc.
  • Which difficulty level should the challenge be? Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?
  • How much time will it take to complete the challenge? Short term or long term challenges?
  • What fee will you charge for a challenge that is appealing to a larger group and justifies the skills being taught?
Motivate your Followers
    Support your followers:
  • Guide your challenge community, providing tips and encouragement for every completed task!
  • how the followers how a task can be done by posting videos,photos and links.
  • Keep track of your followers progress by monitoring completed tasks directly in the app.
  • Motivate your followers directly in the group chat function to complete challenge successfully.
Earn and Have Fun
    Once you complete a challenge successfully you will:
  • Get an income from each follower who joins your challenges.
  • Activate your existing followers by providing added value.
  • Gain new followers with increased exposure as a popular online coach.
Empower your Brand
    Showcase your abilities as an elite coach by displaying:
  • Your track record of completed challenges in a reasonable time.
  • Your number of successfully completed challenges.
  • Your quick response time to followers’ question.
  • Your social media popularity and get treat user feedback & ratings