Join challenges to improve your habits and learn new skills. Get hands-on support from real coaches at affordable rates. Be part of a like minded community and reach your goals together.

Optimus - Social Habit Improvement App

Affordable Guidance From Real Coaches

Would you like to learn new skills and improve your habits? Whenever and wherever you want? Our online coaches will give you the support and encouragement you need to reach your goals.

Optimus - Social Habit Improvement App
  • Join A Challenge:

    Select a skill you find interesting and join a challenge to learn it.

  • Meet Expert Coaches:

    Get hands-on guidance from experienced coaches to improve your skills step-by-step.

  • Stay Accountable:

    Keep track of your progress easily in the app anytime and anywhere. Complete your tasks and stay focused on your goals.

  • Get Better Together:

    Hangout with challengers in your community to get motivation and support. Share your experience along the way and encourage others to complete tasks.

  • Achieve your Goals:

    Improve your skills step-by-step by completing the challenge tasks. Achieve your goals with the support of your community.

Optimus Features

Get the motivation you need to bring positive changes to your life. Join a supportive community and get hands-on help from expert coaches to achieve your goals.

Optimus - Social Habit Improvement App

How to choose the best challenge for you:

  • What do you want to learn or improve? Reading, running, cycling, photography, etc.
  • Which difficulty level you are comfortable with? Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced?
  • How much time can you commit to learn these skills? Choose short term or long term challenges.

Select your coach who:

  • Has completed challenges in reasonable time.
  • Has completed maximum number of challenges successfully.
  • Has a fast response rate & is popular on social media.
  • Has great user feedback.

Once you select a challenge you:

  • Go through videos and pics posted by your coach.
  • Complete your tasks step-by-step.
  • Track your progress directly in the app.
  • Get a helping hand from others in your community.
  • Motivate others in your community to complete the challenge.

By completing your challenges you:

  • Gain confidence and learn new skills by reaching your goals.
  • Get motivated to take on a new challenge and improve your skills step-by-step.
  • Mark your challenge complete.
  • Claim your Optimus Challenge Points or coach reward.